Guardian Ad Litem

When A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Is Appointed To Your Case

In cases involving disputes relating to the care and custody of minor children, the court can appoint a guardian ad litem (“GAL”) to conduct an investigation and make recommendations to assist the judge in reaching a decision. We at the child custody law practice of have both been professionally trained to be GALS and are extremely familiar with the service they provide.

How A GAL Can Assist

As part of an investigation, a GAL will typically speak with the parties who may have information relevant to the issues presented in the investigation, such as:

  • Parents or guardians
  • Children
  • Third parties
  • Family members
  • Personal references
  • Professional references including physicians and teachers

The GAL will also conduct home visits with the parents and children. At the conclusion of the investigation, the GAL will generate a report and, if required as part of the court appointment, make recommendations based on the best interest of the children with regard to custody, parenting plan, or other issues on which the GAL has been ordered to investigate. While the judge is not required to adopt the GAL’s recommendations, the GAL report and recommendations can assist the judge in making a decision at trial or can aid the parties in attempting to reach an agreement to resolve the case.

Our Training as Guardian Ad Litems Can Help You

Attorney Mansur and Attorney Rubino have completed the requisite training to serve as GALs and are members of the Massachusetts Association of Guardians ad Litem. Attorney Mansur and Attorney Rubino accept GAL Appointments in Middlesex, Norfolk, Essex and Worcester counties.

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Having an interview with a GAL can be an anxious time. We are trained GAL professionals who know how this background work is handled. Let us ease your mind. Arrange an initial consultation with us today by phoning or send us an email request. We respond in 24 hours to every communication.