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Practice Areas

The attorneys at the Mansur Law Group, P.C. offer a wide range of family law related services. We are committed to offering clients cost effective and thoughtful representation. We listen carefully to our clients in order to artfully tailor a strategy and approach to representation that suits their goals and needs.

Our practice involves working with clients in many different capacities. In addition to traditional litigation services, a large part of our practice includes the areas of mediation and parenting coordination. We not only act as a mediators in divorce, custody and other family law related disputes, but we also routinely assist clients in an advisory role by providing legal advice to people going through the mediation process with other mediators. We review the client’s case, meet with them to outline their options and help them develop a strategy and positions to take during their mediation sessions.

We also have experience working closely with financial experts, investigators and other litigation support specialists who we employ to assist in resolving complicated financial and custody issues. This approach ensures that we are able to offer our clients a fully comprehensive analysis of their legal issues.

Above all we understand how difficult going through a divorce, custody or other family related disputes can be and are acutely aware of the financial and emotional tolls these issues can have on families. We strive to help our clients understand the issues and help them make sound decisions for their future.

The attorneys at the Mansur Law Group, P.C. only practice Domestic Relations Law and therefore have an extensive knowledge of the field. We offer our clients a wealth of knowledge and understanding of not only the legal, but also the emotional issues involved in family law disputes.

We practice in the Probate and Family Courts located in the following counties: Middlesex, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Worcester and Plymouth.