Do Americans Believe Marriage is More Important than Career?

What matters most to you? Is it a good job or a loving relationship? In a study done by the Pew Institute in the summer of 2019, American respondents were asked what general things make them happy. Participants were questioned about how important marriage was to them, as well as the importance of being in a committed relationship, and also things like having children, or having a fulfilling career and making plenty of money.

Interestingly enough, the study showed that Americans value having a career they enjoy, more than being married.

Only a small amount of American men and women thought that being married was still an important part of a fulfilling life. One factor that seemed to influence how people valued marriage was a respondents age. The older the survey participant was, the more they valued marriage. Other factors that influenced someone’s view of marriage depended on their gender or whether or not they were currently in a relationship.

For example younger people did not see marriage as an important and necessary part of life. This was especially true for men. 57% of men said their biggest requirement for leading a fulfilling life was enjoying their career. While out of the women surveyed, only 17% of women reported that being married was essential for their happiness and 46% of women reported that having an enjoyable job or career was the key to being fulfilled in life.

If you think about the results and the trends, people will need a job even if their marriage doesn’t work out. Also there is not as much stigma about making the decision to move forward with divorce nowadays. If your marriage doesn’t work out, you can move on with your life and consider getting a divorce. Divorce and divorce mediation could help you start over with a new chapter of your life. If you have a good paying and fulfilling job then you could be already on your way.

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