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When children are involved in divorce, the legal process can get emotionally intense and complicated. At the family law firm of Mansur Law Group, P.C., we understand how important your children’s futures are to you.  Our legal knowledge, empathy and personal attention combine to support you and your family through all legal issues surrounding divorce or separation. With a Massachusetts firm focusing exclusively on all aspects of divorce and child custody cases, we have secured positive results for numerous clients. Let us empower you to make tough decisions and defend your interests so you can move beyond this uncertain time.

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Karla M. Mansur, Esq.
Margaret A. Rubino, Esq

We Approach Every Client As A Partnership

Being an attorney is not just our profession, it is our calling. From the moment you arrive at our office, we will listen and support you … because, it’s what we do. Our solutions-based approach can help protect your children from the stress of the legal process, while it strives to reach your goals. We also represent clients with complicated, high-asset divorce cases. Whether your situation requires mediation, dispute resolution skills or aggressive litigation in the courtroom, we can advocate for your most favorable results.

We Empower You To Make Decisions

Even if you’ve never been inside a courtroom, you know that lawyers are trained to be confrontational and aggressive. TV shows like The Good Wife, Law and Order, and Perry Mason show lawyers arguing with each other as a normal part of their routine. They are constantly scheming and playing “dirty tricks.” I am part of a generation of lawyers who are turned off by the perceived nastiness in the profession. I don’t want to perpetuate a way of life where “people are yelling at each other all the time.” This is how Scott Rogers, founder and director of University of Miami’s “Mindfulness in Law Program,” characterizes the legal profession. Rogers had an epiphany more than a decade ago when “he realized it’s OK to recognize the humanity in opposing counsel,” and he helps lawyers use mindfulness training in their work with clients.

In addition to engaging with everyone I meet and treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve, mindfulness helps me listen in ways that other attorneys don’t. Often other lawyers and their clients are so busy arguing their point that they don’t really listen to what the other party wants or attempt to find ways to help them get it. Active listening helps me negotiate the many complexities of human dynamics, and I use this skill to the advantage of my clients.

Discuss Your Custody, Support Or Other Family Legal Matter With Us Today

We are sensitive to the effects conflict can have on children and will do everything in our power to make your legal process go as smoothly as possible. Come and speak with us face-to-face at our comfortable and inviting Concord law firm. Arrange a discussion today at 978-341-5040 or send us this email inquiry.