Choosing a High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer in Massachusetts

How to make the best decision when looking to hire a lawyer for your high net worth divorce, and you have significant assets to protect. 

What are the most important criteria for choosing a lawyer to handle your high asset divorce in Massachusetts? You want someone who you connect with but someone who can help you navigate complex property divisions and can see around the corner when it comes to protecting your assets and helping you maintain the standard of living and lifestyle that you currently have. 

Your Goals and Best Outcomes for Your Family

Do you have complex issues surrounding your divorce? Including things like business valuations, stock options, inheritances, or investments? Do you or your spouse have a prenuptial agreement? You may have complex issues surrounding division of marital assets and property as well with multiple homes and even children from previous relationships and marriages. 

Experience and Office Location

You might think that you need a lawyer with an office in Boston to handle your divorce because of the fact that you have significant assets. The reality is that you may get a higher level of service from an experienced high net worth divorce attorney with offices in one of those suburban communities near where you live or in fact in your own community (communities such as Newton, Weston, Lincoln, Concord and Sudbury.) Attorneys with offices in affluent towns have experience dealing with high net worth individuals and have strong ties to the community. 

Oftentimes high net worth divorces can also be gray divorces where couples have been married for a long time and it may not be a first marriage and there may be children from previous marriages or a blended family. The difference in a high asset divorce is generally with the scope of wealth and relationships. The question is, can your high net worth divorce attorney see things coming that you can’t predict? You want to be able to rely on your attorney’s experience and judgement and their strategic approach to your family’s wealth and concerns. 


It’s easy to double check and speak with previous clients and members of the community. Check out the reviews that they have. Do people feel strongly about how that attorney has advocated for them? Do they have a reputation among other attorneys in your community? What do people in your network say about your attorney? 


How does this attorney respond to your unique situation? Do you feel like they have time for you and your divorce? Are they trying to get you what you want, but are they listening and addressing your concerns with a realistic idea of what’s the best possible outcome for your family or are they too fixed in their own approach with no regard for your goals and needs.  


Does this attorney make the effort to return your calls? Do they reschedule meetings? Are they on time? Do your emails get clear answers with concrete steps that you need to take? Is the message they send you let you know how important your issues are? Do they work around your schedule and are they flexible in their approach and available to meet with you on your schedule and at the times that work best for you? 


This may be the most important factor. What do your instincts tell you about this attorney? Are they the best attorney that can represent you and your complex personal and business arrangements? You have to trust your own judgement about how this attorney makes you feel. Do you have confidence that they can get you the results you want based on all the above criteria? 

In these high profile, high asset, and high net worth divorces, it is generally in the best interest of the parties to settle a divorce and avoid the cost and negative publicity that a trial could bring. In Massachusetts, we have helped many (male and female) CEOs and technology executives and investors navigate high-net-worth divorces. This includes situations where a prenuptial agreement exists and others when there is no prenuptial agreement.

If you are considering a divorce and if you are a high-net-worth individual we can help you untangle the complexities that are present in a long term marriage and high-net-worth divorce. Contact Mansur Law Group today at (978) 341-5040.