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Strategic Solutions To Child Custody Disputes

Battles over child custody are some of the most contentious issues parents will face in their lifetimes. The attorneys at Mansur Law Group provide a wealth of experience dealing with and resolving high conflict custody battles. We know it is important to set the right tone on these types of issues at the outset of your case in order to ensure success in the future. The custody attorneys at Mansur Law Group provide creative results-driven solutions tailored to your case to ensure a favorable outcome.

Child Custody Explained

There are two different types of custody which must be determined in a divorce proceeding:

  • Legal custody – This type of custody gives parents the right to make decisions about the child’s welfare. It includes decisions relating to education, moral, emotional, medical and religious development. There is a presumption in Massachusetts that parents should share legal custody of children. However, when the parents’ are not capable of communicating effectively the court may award legal custody to only one of the parents.
  • Physical custody – This type of custody can be awarded to one parent or to the parties jointly depending on the circumstances. Even if one parent is awarded sole physical custody it is typically subject to scheduled parenting time with the non-custodial parent.

At, we have extensive experience in handling complex child custody issues. Our successful work includes cases involving a parent ignoring a court order or wanting to move to another state with your child. With more than 18 years of experience, we can help you address any  and all child custody and support issues, keeping the welfare and happiness of your children front and center.

Deep Knowledge In Child Support Matters

Making sure your children’s financial needs are met is one of the most important responsibilities of being a parent. But what happens when a parent wants to skirt providing for their children? We are committed to making a positive impact that holds the people who should be closest to their offspring accountable financially. We can assist you and your family with every step of the child support legal process, such as:

  • Establishing court orders for financial support
  • Enforcing orders for medical support
  • Modifications to child support if a parent’s finances change
  • Collect and distribute support payments

As dedicated child custody attorneys, we can help you obtain resolution with concerns involving your children. Call us right now to learn your legal rights and options.

Unmarried Parents And Massachusetts Law

Children of unmarried couples face a special set of circumstances in the legal arena. Under Massachusetts law all children are entitled to economic support by their parents. However, in the case of children whose parents are not married, the obligation of support does not begin until the paternity of the child is established, either in court or upon sworn affidavit of both parties. In the absence of a court order, which says otherwise, the mother has sole custody of the child. A Complaint for Support, Visitation and Custody can be filed to establish paternity as well as the other issues related to the children.

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