High-net-worth Divorce with No prenup

After nearly a quarter of a century together, Dr. Dre’s wife, Nicole Young, has filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation. Dr. Dre – whose legal name is Andre Romelle Young – is a producer, rapper and media mogul, known for his headphones line; Beats by Dre. His line was sold to Apple in 2014 for $3.2 billion dollars; the company’s largest acquisition to date. This is Dre’s first marriage, and Young’s second, she was previously married to Sedale Washington, an NBA player.

Dre is the father of seven children.  Two of which were with Young, Truly born in 2001 and Truice born in 1997. Since both of their children are over the age of 18, there will be no child support proceedings.  There was allegedly no prenuptial agreement signed.  Dre’s assets include a $50 million Brentwood estate, previously owned by New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, as well as a $2.25 million mansion in the gated Pacific Palisades neighborhood.

At Mansur Law Group we have served many families with significant assets who have mutually decided to end their marriage. In many instances, one spouse makes the decision to divorce and the other spouse, after a time, realizes that this is the best decision. We see couples that have been married for 25 years or more decide to get a divorce, for a number of reasons, or they have just grown apart.

In these high profile, high asset, and high net worth divorces, it is generally in the best interest of the parties to settle a divorce and avoid the cost and negative publicity that a trial could bring. In Massachusetts we have helped many (male and female) CEOs and technology executives navigate high-net-worth divorces. This includes situations where a prenuptial agreement exists and others when there is no prenuptial agreement.

If you are considering a divorce and if you are a high-net-worth individual we can help you untangle the complexities that are present in a long term marriage and high-net-worth divorce, both with and without a prenup. Contact Mansur Law Group today at (978) 341-5040.