Can Mediation Help You Get a Divorce During the Pandemic?

The pandemic has made a lot of everyday tasks more complicated than they once were and that includes the typical divorce process in Massachusetts. The Courts previously estimated that it took 14 months to finish a divorce case, and while that timeline was always somewhat aspirational there is now no discernable timeline for how long your family law matter may take. Even small matters like motion hearings are now taking up to six months to get a hearing date and given the court’s backlog from this past spring and recent surge in Covid-19 cases causing a reduction in court staff it appears that access to the courts will be limited for the foreseeable future. 

In response to this new reality family law attorneys and litigants are looking for alternatives to resolve family law matters outside of the traditional courtroom setting. Mediation has been a steadily increasing option for families who do not want to engage in the rancor and expenses of traditional litigation and recently many more individuals are turning to meditation as an option to resolve their divorce or family law matters as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Mediation is a great alternative to settle your family law matters. 

It not only saves you time but tends to be much less expensive and is completely confidential. If the parties are not able to resolve their matter, they still have the option of trying to resolve the matter in court, but the majority of cases resolve where both of the parties are motivated to reach a resolution.  

What is mediation exactly? How does the mediation process expedite your divorce? Mediation is when a mediator acts as a neutral and assists the parties in settling their disputes. 

Mediation is a great option for parties who are just starting the process or who have already engaged in litigation that has stalled. The parties work with a neutral mediator whose role it is to get to the heart of the things each person wants, to find a compromise that works for everyone and to end the marriage as amicably as reasonably as possible. Mediated agreements also tend to work better for families in the long-term and prevent future court involvement. 

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