Relocating With Children After A Divorce

Whether or not you may relocate with your child out-of-state depends upon a number of factors and varies widely depending on your specific circumstances. If the other parent will not agree to allow you to remove the child from the state, you may need to get a court order. With years of experience handling sensitive divorce and child custody matters, the child custody lawyers at can strive to protect both you and your child’s rights.

Consider Your Child’s Best Interests

If you are the custodial parent and contemplating a move to a new city, state or country, you will want to consider the impact a move will have on your child. You will also need to consider the other parent’s rights. Securing a deeply-experienced Massachusetts child custody lawyer is crucial. We can take the stress of the legal work off your shoulders and guide you all aspects of child custody relocation.

Custody Order Preventing A Move? Contact Our Office

Learn more about moving with your child from Concord, if the child custody order says otherwise. If the other parent is threatening to move and take your children, contact us immediately at or email us to discuss your options.