Guardianship Of Minors and Adults

If you are a grandparent, concerned relative or friend of someone in or around Concord who you do not believe is able to properly parent a child, we can assist you in seeking to become a court-appointed guardian for that child. At The Mansur Law Group our guardianship lawyers also work with people seeking guardianship of an adult who is mentally impaired or incapacitated and needs assistance managing their affairs.

When Children Are Removed From Parents

A guardian can make legal decisions for a “ward” which can be a  child or another person who cannot make decisions on their own. If the parents are living, they must first be determined unfit to look after the child. Then, a nonparent may be chosen with the best interests of the child in mind. Typically, the court system prefers a guardian who knows the ward, such as:

  • A person chosen by the child
  • A relative such as an uncle, aunt, adult sibling or grandparent
  • A state employee or another person who is familiar with the ward

The responsibility of a guardian is to watch over the financial assets and physical well-being of the ward. The guardian must provide a residence so that the ward can receive a proper education at a public school, apply for public assistance benefits and public housing if needed and receive and maintain money for his or her support.

Do You Have A Guardianship Concern? Request A Consultation Now

If you have a concern that someone in your family needs a guardian, come and speak with a guardianship attorney in a confidential consultation. Please call our Massachusetts firm at or inquire about meeting in an email.